Baby Sensory Videos

Welcome to our baby sensory video page where you can find our favourite animated videos, specifically for children and newborn babies.

Baby sensory videos are short video clips designed specifically to captivate and stimulate a baby’s senses. These videos are crafted with vibrant colors, interesting patterns, soothing music, and a variety of shapes and movements.

They are typically accompanied by gentle narration or lullabies. The primary goal of these videos is to engage a baby’s senses and promote sensory development, including vision.

You can read more about the uses and benefits of baby sensory videos in our blog post.

One of our most popular Baby Sensory Videos features simple animated shapes in contrasting colours.

We’re fanatical about animation at Enchanted Studios so, alongside our video template production, we also create sensory co-ordination videos for newborn babies. These are simple animations with bright, contrasting elements which help develop eye movement and provide a calming visual focus for babies and young children.

Watch our favourite videos below (not all are ours!) or view our full Baby Sensory video playlist on YouTube.

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