How to use green screen footage in your video

  • February 28, 2017
  • Simon Brough
  • 3 min read

Removing the Green

How to use green screen footage in your video production

We’ve collected together a bunch of handy video tutorials which teach us how to successfully key out green screen footage clips from within Premiere, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, iMovie and Sony Vegas.

Why not grab one of the green screen clips from Enchanted Media and try some chroma keying yourself using the tutorials below.

So, what is green screen?

Green screen technology, or chroma keying, is a video matting technique which has been around for decades. From tv weather reporting to effects-laden Hollywood blockbusters the use of green (or blue) surroundings enables film makers and video editors to quickly and easily substitute the background of a moving subject.

This effect has understandably been included with almost all current video editing software packages and, with just a couple of clicks, all solid green areas becomes transparent (keying), allowing the user to place the remaining subject on top of another video source.

Green Screen Keying in…

How to Chroma Key in After Effects

from Chesapeake Systems

If you’re looking how to chroma key in Adobe After Effects then in this video tutorial, Luis from Chesapeake Systems shows us how to create a key or green screen effect using Keylight in Adobe After Effects CS6.

Quick Find : Effects / Keying / Keylight

Adobe Premiere

from Tim Ford

Tim Ford explains how to make the perfect, clean green screen key using Ultra Key in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Quick Find : Effects / Ultra Key

Apple Final Cut Pro

from Zac King

Zac King from Final Cut King briefly takes us through how to mask and key out a green screen background using the simple yet powerful Keyer effect in Apple’s Final Cut Pro.

FCPs Sample Color and Edge refinement tools make short work of green screen problems such as creases, shadows and hotspots.

Quick Find : Effects (button) / Keyer

Apple iMovie

from Charles Benz

In this short video tutorial Charles Benz discusses where to find the Green/Blue Screen effect and how to clean up your chroma key in Apple’s iMovie 13

Quick Find : Video Overlay Settings (button) / Green/Blue Screen

Sony Vegas

from pfltuts

pfltuts takes us through applying a green screen clip onto his video production using Sony Vegas Pro 13.

Quick Find : Video FX (tab) / Chroma Keyer

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